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I am 19 years old. I have been on the Depo since I was 16. I got on it after my 6 week check up. When I first started on the Depo shot I was a very mean person. I have NEVER in my life been like that. I am a very nice laid back person. I gained 40lbs withing the first 3 months. I am not a big eater and I do eat healthy for the most part. I also had pregnancy like symptoms, headaches and bloating. After a year of being on the Depo my mood had changed and I became back to myself and my body got used to it. I really really LOVE the Depo shot but I am thinking of switching to another method. I love how I havent had a period in 3 years and it is 100% effective but I cannot deal with it making my weight go up and down. Overall minus few things I love it. by SANTOS from Wapanucka, OK
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After reading this forum, I cried. For more than fifteen years, mania and depression were tearing me apart. pantoprazole seems to have changed this. I notice a major difference. Those around me notice as well. People are no longer afraid of me. I have had no side effects. This drug has saved my life. by CHARLIE from Mazeppa, MN
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Ive been taking pantoprazole now for about 4 years, I havent had any side effects that I can tell but after reading others experience of memory loss, that could be one that I do have. I take the maximum dose that is prescribed now and I cant say enough about this medication. I was so totally lost, severe depression, suicidal, lowest of lows, it was so bad, I couldnt get my ducks in a row (my mothers comments to me, daily). Now, Im feeling in control of my life, Im back with my spouse and caring for my mother, whos ducks have scattered about, and Im living happily. by QUINTON from Ringling, MT
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Broke out in a rash after 2 weeks. by ETHAN from Lillie, LA
pantoprazole is one of the best drugs Ive ever been on. It has been amazing. Being on it has made me feel so much more level. Before taking it I never really knew how I was going to feel or how much things would affect me. I am currently on pantoprazole in addition to many other medications, but adding pantoprazole made me so much more sure of my emotions. I felt so much safer. It has really been wonderful. by ALFONSO from Becket, MA
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I have had only two shots and have horrible mood swings, Im ALWAYS angry or upset at something and Ive lost all desire for sex putting a strain on my relationship. The only thing good I can say is not having to remember to take a pill. by KING from Wytheville, VA
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I tried the shot twice once on August 2010 and recently started again in May. First time was bad I had really bad anxiety and moodiness, which at first I thought it was hormones from having the baby. I couldnt lose weight even though I was exercising everyday. After the 3 months the first time no more moodiness like before when I was on it. I had also lose weight and things were back to normal. I wanted to try again because I only did it once but again it has been a bad experience. by HOLLIS from Lawrence, KS
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I am 18 and I have been using the shot for 8 months. If you do not want to get pregnant, this IS the shot for you! I had a period with the first injection but ever since then I havent and I love that. It is great because it isnt that painful when receiving the shot, and it is awesome not worrying about it for 3 months. The problems I have with the Depo shot is weight gain. I am 510 and was 126 pounds, so I thought I wouldnt gain weight, and I was very wrong. I now weight 150! I also am very moody and sometimes feel depressed. Next month I will be changing to the patch because early aged osteoporosis runs in my family. by LYMAN from Chenango Forks, NY
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